DOE : 18/09/2021 FN & AN

Tentative Keys Hosted on 23/09/2021


  • Right answer has been tick marked (ü) in the respective choices for each question in the specimen question booklet  hosted herewith.
  • Regardless of the Code in the Question Booklet given to the candidates during the examination, they can challenge the answer keys only as per the question number given in the Specimen Question Booklet hosted on the Commission’s website.
  • All the objections / views received with evidence will be placed before the Expert Committee for finalization of the answer keys.
  • Representations, challenging the tentative answer keys / expressing views shall be submitted in ONLINE MODE only through within seven days.
  • Representations received by POST or EMAIL will receive NO attention.  
  • Representations made online after
    5.45 P.M. on 29.09.2021 will also receive NO attention.
  • The final answer keys will be published in the Commission’s website only after the completion of entire selection process.