Recently, Single Window System has been introduced for Departmental Promotion Committee proposals.

The salient features of the scheme is as follows:

  • The concerned Secretariat Departments, through their designated senior officials in the rank of Joint Secretary in respect of posts for which the Government are the appointing authority / Joint Director in respect of posts for which Head of the Department is the appointing authority, shall bring the proposals in person, to hand over the same to the TNPSC Office and the proposals will be scrutinised by the Senior Officials of TNPSC on the same day.
  • The proposals in complete shape will be subjected to further processing and conduct of DPC meeting in the following week.
  • The incomplete proposals will be returned on the same day with a note on rectifications to be carried out.
  • The Single Window System is functioning on every Wednesday from 11 am to 2 pm with effect from 22.02.2012 and the proposals can be handed over to the Secretary, Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission directly and the scrutiny of proposals shall take place on the same day.

Check list for preparation and submission of particulars to DPC

An updated check list is introduced for preparing and submitting the proposals under Single Window System