Judgments Relating To Disciplinary Cases

S.No Case No Subject
1 Person appointed to the post of Village Administrative Officer shall reside in the village under his charge and shall continue to reside in the village so long as he holds the post - disciplinary action may also be take simultaneously against the Superior Officers also for not supervising and enforcing their presence in the village
2 Next promotion eligibility only after completing the required active service and not from the date of promotion of his juniors, when there is currency of punishment.
3 Past service not blemishless, punishment of compulsory retirement upheld.
4 The concept of "acquittal is an acquittal", is an off shoot of the principle of double jeopardy underlying section 300(1) of the Code, it cannot be imported into service law, where the principle of double jeopardy itself is looked down upon
5 It would be open to challenge the final order that may be passed, based on the enquiry proceedings conducted pursuant to the impugned order and no prejudice caused on conducting de nova enquiry.
6 The power of judicial review is not directed against the decision but is confined to the decision-making process. The court does not sit in judgment on merits of the decision.